The distance between a photographer and their camera is often only a couple of inches. It is that relationship that creates a thoughtful image. Imagine distancing the camera 300 yards up and away from the photographer. Careful composition turns into embracing abstraction. By attaching a camera to a remote control helicopter I have viewed the earth’s textured surface in a new way, but not without a challenge. I cannot see what the camera sees. I cannot be near my camera. I merely steer it over the landscape, hoping to capture details that would not otherwise be seen. I have allowed the viewer to feel this relationship by using halftone screen-printing. By distancing yourself from each print you can experience the abstraction the camera sees as it moves up. The further away you are from the print the more the image makes sense.

Each print is a 21"x21" archival silkscreen on Stonehenge Natural paper.

01. Hyalite Canyon,  MT 2

02. Jenness State Beach, NH

03. Springhill, MT

04. Popham Beach State Park, ME

05. Popham Beach State Park, ME 2

06. Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

07. Hyalite Canyon, MT

08. Jenness State Beach, NH 2

09. Hyalite Canyon, MT 3

10. Popham Beach State Park, ME 3

11. Fort McClary, ME

12. Freeport, ME